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Coq Au Vin

This year for Christmas, I find myself in a new kitchen with the freedom to cook whatever I want. After about a week of freezer meals, I settled in to make something I’d wanted to make for a long time, Coq Au Vin. I love this dish because it’s absolutely, crazy fantastic AND :))) I get to light it on fire!! How fun is that?!

Kung Pao Shrimp

Chinese food can be one of the healthiest options in your kitchen. It’s full of vegetables and protein, and you can put whatever ‘you’ like in it. If you don’t like bell peppers, don’t use them. Maybe you like bamboo shoots. Great! Use two cans. The point is, making Chinese at home is much easier than people think.

Vanilla Cheesecake

If you asked anyone what my favorite dessert would be, I have no doubt they would tell you cheesecake. I see it as the perfect finale, the masterpiece of the dessert world, the pinnacle of sweets. Only problem is – it takes so long to make. But as some ancient philosopher said, "Good things come to those who put in the work", or something to that effect. 🙂 When it comes to dessert, I couldn't agree more.

Salmon Patties with Homemade Tartar Sauce

Like fish, but not too much fish? This recipe is the blended dining option you might consider the next time someone says, "Let's make fish tonight."

Chile Verde

One of the most satisfying recipes in my collection, IMO, is Chile Verde. I really love, love this recipe because it's simple, different and it makes my house smell amazing. It also has a light, bold flavor, which is perfect in any season.

Chicken Piccata

This recipe is dedicated to my dear friend, Jennifer, who lost her battle to cancer this year. I am praying for the day we can cook this together and laugh about our journeys. Godspeed my dear, I’ll see you after.

Britt’s Slow Burn Chili

This chili recipe is one of the heartiest meals in my recipe collection. I developed the recipe over time as I tried various tastes and textures. I was so pleased with this version that it’s nearly the only chili recipe I use any more. Caution, there is a slowly intensifying burn associated with this recipe, hence the name. For a sweeter version, remove the ground red pepper and double the brown sugar portion. If you’re looking for a chili contest recipe, there’s a very strong chance this recipe is your winner.

Green Chili & Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Whenever I dine out at a Tex-Mex restaurant, I tend to select some type of chicken enchilada. There's a lot of very good Mexican cuisine, but enchiladas is my favorite. That said, I've been making these enchiladas for years and years. It was one of the first recipes my mother taught me though I've made some changes. I hope you enjoy this, one of my favorite dishes.

Chicken, Asparagus & Water Chestnut Stir Fry

This simple stir fry recipe is bound to pique your curiosity. Whether you’re a home cook or a seasoned chef, you’re bound to be delighted. The succulent tender chicken, paired with healthy asparagus and the crisp crunch of water chestnuts, will thrill your taste buds.

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