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Chicken Piccata

This recipe is dedicated to my dear friend, Jennifer. See you in the kitchen soon. 🙂

Britt’s Slow Burn Chili

This chili recipe is one of the heartiest meals in my recipe collection. I developed the recipe over time as I tried various tastes and textures. I was so pleased with this version that it’s nearly the only chili recipe I use any more. Caution, there is a slowly intensifying burn associated with this recipe, hence the name. For a sweeter version, remove the ground red pepper and double the brown sugar portion. If you’re looking for a chili contest recipe, there’s a very strong chance this recipe is your winner.

Green Chili & Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Whenever I dine out at a Tex-Mex restaurant, I tend to select some type of chicken enchilada. There's a lot of very good Mexican cuisine, but enchiladas is my favorite. That said, I've been making these enchiladas for years and years. It was one of the first recipes my mother taught me though I've made some changes. I hope you enjoy this, one of my favorite dishes.

Chicken, Asparagus & Water Chestnut Stir Fry

This simple stir fry recipe is bound to pique your curiosity. Whether you’re a home cook or a seasoned chef, you’re bound to be delighted. The succulent tender chicken, paired with healthy asparagus and the crisp crunch of water chestnuts, will thrill your taste buds.

Meatball Baked Ziti

Pasta will forever be my weakness. I like several varieties of Italian pasta but homemade baked pasta is my Kryptonite; that and chocolate, but I digress. I really love this recipe because you can really get into it with the meatballs. There’s something about mixing with your hands that I find enjoyable. This recipe takes a little longer than most, but it’s absolutely worth it; great for kids or having a couples dinner and wine night.

Broccoli Beef

As a kid I played it safe when it came to Chinese food. I think most of us probably do. My favorite was Broccoli Beef. Something about it just seemed right. I know you’re probably thinking, “if only I could get my kid to eat broccoli”. I have little ones now and vegetables are a hard sell. Luckily my little ones like steak and this recipe serves as the perfect gateway to introduce vegetables and satisfy those adult taste buds.

Cream of Jalapeńo

This past February I had the pleasure of going to lunch with my mother-in-law at a new Brazilian restaurant. While I was there, I was introduced to something totally delicious, cream of jalapeńo soup, which is surprisingly not spicy. Now, I’m a huge fan of creamy soups, especially chicken or mushroom, so I had to try it. Three small bowls later, I was hooked and slightly embarrassed. After some experimenting, I can now overindulge in the privacy of my own soup eating sweats and post the recipe for you as well. Enjoy!

Creamy Chicken and Spinach

After spending several days traveling, I was ready to come home to my kitchen and make what I like to call “a real meal”. When I opened the refrigerator there were only a few things available, some chicken, spinach and about a cup of heavy cream, so I said – why not. It’s funny how some truly amazing recipes come from lack of ingredients. I ended up making this twice in one weekend, first because it was really good and second, I wanted to make sure it was good enough to post it. It was, I am, enjoy!

Chicken and Dumplings

Every time I make this my kids sing and dance, so much that it’s become comedic, but I can relate. When I was young, my brother and I would do the very same thing when our grandmother pulled out her ugly green pressure cooker, because that meant dumplings. You won’t need a pressure cooker for this comfort recipe but you will need a big bowl.

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