For the first meal of the New Year, I thought I’d get back to my German roots. It has been ages since my Oma’s made her delicious goulash, but I still have vivid memories of her cooking this meal in her little apron many years ago. You have to appreciate grandmother’s cooking, it’s true love.

2 lbs. – round steak
2 – onions
3 Tbs. – flour
2 Tbs. – paprika
1 Tbs. – marjoram
1.5 tsp. – caraway seeds (fennel)
6 oz. – tomato paste
3 cups – beef broth
3 Tbs. – oil
Salt and pepper

– Dice onions
– Cube steak to one inch or 1/2 inch pieces

In a very large pot or skillet, warm the oil over medium-high heat and add the onions. Cook until softened, about 5 minutes. Add beef and lightly brown. The beef should not cook all the way through. There will be plenty of time to simmer later. Add the flour and brown.

Tip: the darker the flour turns the darker the roux will be later. Be careful not to burn it though, about 3-5 minutes.

Mix in the paprika, marjoram, tomato paste and caraway seeds, cook for 1 minute and then add the broth. You’ll want the broth to barely cover the mixture. Reduce to low (2) and simmer for 1-1/2 hours. If the sauce becomes too thick, add more broth to allow for the long simmer, which allows the steak to become tender.

Serve with Eastern European egg noodles (Spätzle) or other egg noodles. I personally like goulash with homemade mashed potatoes from time to time. Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!

Proza Amentri!